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Turiya grew up on 130 acres in Santa Cruz County where she developed an appreciation for what the area has to offer by exploring Santa Cruz County hiking, biking and surfing. Her unique background has taught her to see things with an open mind and has helped shape her real estate career. Her father is a Real Estate land developer and mother is a World renowned jewelry designer, which has help foster in her a passion for beauty, design and sustainability.

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“I was very pleased with working with Turiya. She does have current and relevant information, and experience in the processes.  She is also knowledgeable about the current housing and financial climate and is also very helpful, trustworthy and honest. Turiya is a delight to spend time with and  really wants the best for her clients. I don't usually give out 5 stars but she was so helpful and such a hard worker that she really earned them (we worked together for several months).  She is also a good listener, very responsive and tech savvy, all required for a good RE agent! She also has a great support team. Thank you Turiya!”


Leslie Warren, Aptos

“Turiya was a delight to work with. She has an empathetic and compassionate nature that is very supportive of what can often be an emotionally stressful time. She was a professional and valued member of the entire real estate process.”

Kat Lanctot, Scotts Valley